Kenneth Millan has joined Team Arrowhead!

A big, warm welcome to our newest Arrowhead Athlete, Kenneth Millan. Kenneth is a competitive crossfit athlete at Warner University.

DOB: December 27th, 1996
Hometown:  Avon Park, FL
Training Center:  Capital MMA & Elite Fitness


How did you discover crossfit / olympic lifting?

I discovered crossfit while watching videos online a few years back, but I didn't actually try it until a great friend of mine convinced me. I went to his Crossfit gym, did a workout, and I've been hooked on it since.


Pre-training ritual:

I like to get my mind right before I train so often when I get to a gym , I'll spend about 15-20 minutes getting my mind right as I warm up, and essentially visualizing everything I have to get done. 


Recovery ritual:

Contrast showers have been my go to lately for recovery, about 5 minutes hot, 5 minutes cold, mix it up, and go by feel. I usually finish off with the cold cycle. 


Favorite conditioning movement or lift:

Deadlifts are definitely my favorite lift. The carry over to other Olympic lifts and such is tremendous.


Favorite Arrowhead Tape:

The thin flex 


How do you use Our Tape in Crossfit/Lifting/Training?

Will use to support wrists 


What are your competitive goals in 2017?

I plan on getting better each and every comp that I enter this year and so on. I've been doing Crossfit for less than a year, but in the short period of time that I have been doing it, I have learned a great deal. So each competition I go into, I want to be better, and better.



Favorite music for training and competing:

It depends, some days I'm listening to 50 cent, and some days I'm training to Mozart 


What is important to you outside of training and competing?

God, and family

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