Arrowhead Just Got a Little More Hairy

We have just launched the all new Arrowhead Animal Health product line! We are making adhesive and cohesive tapes for both our human and animal friends, and we are just doggone excited!

Arrowhead Athletics has been around for over 34 years. We've been in the business of supplying performance tapes and wraps to athletes worldwide. We are now delighted to introduce our newly formed Arrowhead Animal Health division which now offers a complete line of adhesive and cohesive vet tapes and wraps to improve the comfort, recovery, and protection of both small and large mammals.

We're still in the business of helping you to achieve your athletic and wellness goals, and now we can help the ones you love whether they have two legs or four legs. And we will keep our promise to offer quality tapes at an affordable price. Check out our vet tape and animal wraps here:

Arrowhead Animal Health products are proudly Made in the USA in a factory just north of Boston, MA and Arrowhead is an FDA-registered facility.  We manufacture our cohesive and adhesive animal tapes locally to ensure every product heading out our doors is of superior quality.

We are always coming up with new ideas, and better ways to suit the health and recovery of every animal - both large and small. We are in the lab innovating and developing new materials and applications for all our tapes, including our vet tapes. We've added scents, patterns, and a bunch of other new features (like cooling!) that we know you and your animal pals will love.

From the smallest cats and dogs to large equines, our products are ideal for Vet Clinics, Stables, Kennel Facilities, Farms, and Zoos. If you're a veterinarian, vet tech, equestrian, farrier, stable owner, trainer, zoologist, or just love your pets, feel free to reach out to us and pick our brains. We love animals and talking tape. 

Are you ready to experience the Arrowhead Advantage?

To request a free sample pack, please Click Here.

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