VMX 2018 - Booth #808

We excited to be exhibiting at the VMX show (sponsored by the NAVC) in Orlando, FL from February 3-7, 2018.  We will be at Booth 808, and will be displaying our existing premium wraps and bandages, as well as a few new prototype products that we are excited to launch in 2018!

The NAVC (North American Veterinary Community) - http://navc.com - is one of the largest veterinary communities in the USA, and their annual show (the VMX) is a great opportunity for Arrowhead to share new product developments (like our ChewBlocker, run-down patches, and hoof pads), highlight how our vet wraps, tapes, and elastic bandages are unique and perform compared to others, and learn how we can continue to make our tapes better.  We like to think that every person who treats an animal or cares for a family pet is our boss - so at the VMX  we will share our recent work, listen, and learn from the professionals who care for species large and small.

Arrowhead’s animal health product line is made in an FDA-registered facility and ranges from cohesive tapes, self-stick vet wraps, to adhesive Stretch Tapes and cotton sports tapes, all designed to the highest demands of durability and performance. From small canine to working animals to large equines, Arrowhead animal health products are ideal for vet clinics, stables, kennel facilities, farms, and zoos. Arrowhead has over 35 years of experience crafting premium tapes and wraps.

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