Save When you Flex with Thin Flex Cohesive

This summer, Arrowhead is putting some of its top performing athletic tapes on sale! For the rest of the season, enjoy discounts when you purchase Thin-Flex tape, Arrow Flex, or Protective Plus.  

Use coupon code SUMMERSALE2018 when you checkout for an additional $5 off each item in your order.



What exactly is Thin-Flex Cohesive Stretch tape?

What a mouthful! But Thin-Flex Cohesive Stretch tape is really simple. Let's break it down...

Thin = low profile (and we mean really thin)
Flex = flexible
Cohesive = only sticks to itself (not to you!)
Stretch = the tape is stretchy, so you can get the support you need


So, why would you need the Thin-Flex Cohesive Stretch tape?

Wouldn't any tape get the job done?

You might get by with a generic roll of athletic tape, but why settle? We have carefully designed and constructed the Thin-Flex Cohesive Stretch tape specifically to give you the best support for your workout.


Here are a few of the many ways you can use it:

  • Wrapping ankles inside skates is a breeze
  • Tape your fingers for support (It's thin enough to even wear under gloves!)
  • Wrapping toes and fingers without a bulky feel



  • It leaves no sticky residue behind (like all of our tapes!)
  • Available in white and beige, and in 1", 2", and 3" widths  


Do you have any questions about our tapes? Are you an amazing athlete or fitness buff interested in joining Team Arrowhead? Feel free to reach out.

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