Arrowhead Athletics' Female Athlete Sponsorship

Arrowhead is proud to sponsor athletes around the US with premium tape and hype.  However, we realized recently that all of our sponsored athletes are men, and we want to do more!  Nowadays, high intensity sports like cross fit, mma, boxing, as well as all group and traditional sports are being driven forward by equally ambitious, strong, and talented women. 


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Here at Arrowhead Athletics, we believe that women in athletics deserve the same promotion and celebration as their male counterparts. This is why we have decided to open our sponsorship again, this time specifically to women rising in the ranks of their sport.  Lifters, cross-fitters, fighters, or body builders, it's time to show off what is really means to fight like a girl!


If you're a woman involved in these high-intensity athletics, and you'd be interested in our sponsorship, please let us know by email at for details.  We'd love to talk with you!


If you have any stories you'd like to share about women in athletics, let us know!  We love interacting with consumers and our customers alike.  Would you like to keep up with more news about Arrowhead Athletics, our philosophies, and products?  If so, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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