Retail-ready! NO-CONE

It’s no secret that pets and animals like to chew. It’s one of the things they do best! But when they’ve been injured, it’s not good to let them lick or chew the sensitive area, and sometimes you need a little help from your friends at Arrowhead.

We'd like to introduce our innovative chew prevention veterinary wrap in the new orange color and with retail-ready packaging.

The Arrowhead Animal Health ChewBlocker vet wrap has been one of our most successful products of 2017. It’s no surprise with its uniquely spicy aroma that people are excited to give it a try.

Ready for Retail!

This year, we have designed an individual blister pack for point-of-sale displays, pegboards, and retail distribution. We're offering it in limited supply as we scale production, but certainly, reach out to us if you have a need for volume pricing.

Our first retail-pilot will be in Hollywood Feed. We'll be hitting the shelves in a few locations across the US in the next few weeks. To find a location nearest you, visit their website and use their store locator

Outshining the Competition

So far this year, we have been all over the country comparing our Chew prevention technology and testing it in the field. Our tape contains a food-grade taste deterrent and a unique olfactory deterrent.

We've compared our tape to the other products available, and so far there is no cat, dog, horse, goat, bunny or bird who has chewed off our wrap. Skeptical? See it for yourself. Pet Lover Geek stopped by our booth at Global Pet Expo 2018. Trevor, the friendly Moluccan Cockatoo, who was eager to give our wrap a try.



This truly solves many challenges for pet owners and care providers:

  • Waterproof
  • Won't stick to fur
  • Easy to use, tear and apply
  • Uses human food-grade deterrents
  • Worn over bandages or gauze in animals recovering from an injury
  • Stops chewing and licking bandaged areas while they heal
  • Useful in lawns to prevent critters from eating plants
  • Use at home to stop pets from chewing on furniture!


We've created this unique tape in two colors: orange and maroon, to make it easy for you to easily pick out the NO-CONE wrap from others. However, it has a very unique and pleasant smell (to us, humans) so you'll be able to find the right tape when you need it. 

As a pet owner or a veterinary clinic, the "cone of shame" can be quite cumbersome. Not to mention, we call it the "cone of shame" because we know our pets are not exactly happy to be wearing that Elizabethan collar. In addition to looking silly, it can cause issues with mobility. For a great alternative, try our NO-CONE wrap. It's smaller and not as bulky, which means it is easier to store. 


Interested in a retail kit? 

Each small retail kit comes with three inner packs, each of which has 4 individually-wrapped rolls of ChewBlocker ORANGE vet wrap (2" wide by 5 stretched yards). That's a total of 12 individual rolls of tape. 

For ordering information, you can visit the No-Cone Retail Kit here. If you have questions about volume and bulk ordering, please feel free to reach out with any questions to We are happy to help!

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