Arrowhead No-Cone Cohesive - Now Available at Hollywood Feed Stores!

Our innovative No-Cone cohesive vet wrap has made it to the shelves in select Hollywood Feed stores starting this summer, and we couldn't be more excited!  You can purchase No-Cone in cases or mini-packs OR in retail blisters like those shown here, but we know that most people may not know that they need it until they do (say, when a pet gets home from the vet and won't stop chewing at their bandages, or if they are licking too much or chewing too much due to a skin condition, or even if they are chewing on furniture that needs to be protected!), and now they can go to a Hollywood Feed store near them and pick one up - no shipping required!

We use all-natural food-grade ingredients to create a scent and taste that will serve as deterrents to keep your pet from chewing it off.  Click here to view No-Cone on our website


How does it work? 

Our chemists really outdid themselves in designing and developing No-Cone!  We incorporated the use of organic and human food-grade tastes with and aromatics (scents) to create a vet wrap that safely makes pets want to avoid tasting, chewing or removing their bandages (reducing the need for a cone after procedures).  With a mild cinnamon scent and spicy taste, your pet will not want to put their face near it for very long.  We recommend combining No-Cone with an under-wrap of Arrow-Vet normal cohesive underneath, but you can also use gauze or other wraps if there is a healing wound or area with stitches.

Just remember - if you are treating a pet who is recovering from a vet procedure, always abide by the instructions of your veterinarian or care provider, and always seek professional attention if your pet has an injury or an illness.  


We've already gotten some great questions, and we love answering them

This wrap comes in maroon and orange.  Both of the all-natural colors are guaranteed to not bleed out your pets hair or your furniture. Hollywood Feed stores will be stocked with the MAROON color!

If you pet manages to chew and swallow any of the tape, don't worry.  This tape is not harmful if ingested, though we can't suggest eating it (some of us in the office have and we can say - the no-chew effect works!).

This is a cohesive tape, that means it sticks only to itself, and it does so very well too.  No need to add any other tapes to secure it in place

Apply this bandage like you would any other one.  If you have concerns about proper application, ask your vet.  


A little bit about Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed is a major pet retailer in the southern region of the United States, with nearly 70 locations spanning across from Texas to South Carolina, and as far north as Virginia. This chain has been around since the 1950's, and although they see expansion every year, they have always held true to their humble beginnings.  Arrowhead Animal Health is very proud of our budding relationship with Hollywood Feed and we hope that our customers will also become their customers as well!



If you would like to know more about Arrowhead Animal Health or Hollywood Feed, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Hollywood Feed is social too and you can find them here.



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