Proudly Made in the USA

Arrowhead Animal Health is proud to be Made in the USA. Our historic Shawsheen factory, located just north of Boston, MA, dates back to the 1800s, and we are an FDA-registered facility.

All design, manufacturing, and customer service takes place on-site, ensuring that our adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps are reliable, dependable, and predictable.

Arrowhead is one of the few manufacturers in the country with the ability to produce both high-quality adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps in-house. Manufacturing all of our products under one roof helps to ensure consistent quality in all of our tapes and wraps, something that we take pride in.

Our on-site research and development allows for constant innovation into new materials and applications, and provides us with the ability to customize products to a specific end use.

With that in mind, we enjoyed the following article from highlighting many important reasons to buy American-made products.  

 Purchasing items that are Made in the USA helps to:  create jobs, recycle U.S. dollars, and “keep America beautiful” by adhering to strict environmental regulations.  Additionally, by keeping our money in the United States, we take a stand against the “horrible working conditions” found in other countries.

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Over 34 years of experience building specialized tapes and wraps for the athletic market has helped Arrowhead become an innovator in performance tapes and wraps.

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