A new latex-free rigid tape: APOGEE

Cotton tape is one of the essentials in any clinic, at any stable, and anywhere where animals are treated for surgical/medical needs. Many rigid tapes are made with natural rubber latex or synthetic latex, which can cause allergic reactions in both humans and animals alike.

Are you an athlete, sports organization, pet owner, veterinarian, or animal caregiver with a latex allergy? Do you work with a human or animal that has a sensitivity or allergy to latex?

We are excited to introduce APOGEE brand cotton, latex-free cotton tape in the Arrowhead product family.  

What sets APOGEE tape apart? 

Our AA APOGEE  tape is made with all the skill of 35 years in premium tape manufacturing and is not made with natural rubber latex.

  • Softer fabric for better confirmability
  • Premium cotton will not break or fall apart
  • Easy-tear for quick use in the field or clinic

Carefully Crafted

Our AA APOGEE Cotton Tape offers outstanding performance and quality.  It is a high-quality, bleached cotton tape that uses only sources of cotton fabric that we have designed, tested, and qualified for excellent tensile strength and consistent construction.  

We offer 1" and 1.5" sizes of AA APOGEE in regular and jumbo size rolls. Our APOGEE tape can be ordered by the case.

Each case contains:

  • 1.5" JUMBO case packed at 32 rolls per case, 15 yards per roll
  • 1" JUMBO case packed at 48 rolls per case, 15 yards per roll
  • 1.5" REGULAR case packed at 32 rolls per case, 10 yards per roll
  • 1" REGULAR case packed at 48 rolls per case, 10 yards per roll

Backed by Experience

At Arrowhead, we've been making top-quality cotton tapes in the USA since 1983.  We design our own fabric, our own adhesive, and we performance test our rolls every day to make sure they stay top quality.  

About Arrowhead Tapes & Wraps

Arrowhead designs and manufactures high-quality, dependable cohesive and adhesive tapes and wraps to aid in the comfort, protection, and healing of humans and animals. For more information about Arrowhead Tapes & Wraps, please contact us!

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