On-the-Go First Aid Kit

Your dog cut his paw, and you know it's not bad enough to bring him to the vet or animal hospital. If it's late at night, they're probably not even open. So, you find yourself standing in the pet medical supplies aisle at the grocery store and wonder, "What do I even need to buy? Why are there so many options? What is a cohesive tape?"


We have all been there. The dog chased a squirrel through the fence and has a cut on his paw. After scrounging through the medicine cabinet, you're left wondering, "Can I put a band-aid on this? Should I just take him to the emergency vet?"

But a trip to the vet isn't always practical and can be extremely expensive. Rushing your pet to the vet for every cut or scrape just isn't going to cut it. If an injury happens at night when the vet's office is closed, you'd be stuck taking him to the exponentially more expensive emergency vet. Sometimes, you have to provide basic care at home, just like you would for yourself or your child.

So, are you sure you're prepared for when the next inevitable scrape happens? 

What Supplies Should I Buy?

Being a pet parent can be challenging; when you head to a grocery store or pharmacy there are lots of options for first-aid kits that are custom-designed for kids, or for locations like the pool or the sports field. But when it comes to dogs, cats, rats, birds and everything in between, finding the right set of first aid tools in one helpful handy kit can be a challenge. 

If you're a veterinarian, you more than likely know what a cohesive tape is, and general first-aid care to provide to animals of all kinds. But as a general consumer, it can be tough to keep up with all the lingo in the medical and veterinary fields (a cohesive tape sticks to itself) and know exactly what to do when your dog tears his dew claw or cuts his paw. And as a veterinarian, wouldn't you like some help directing your patients to the right place, saving them an emergency trip to the vet for minor problems?


Arrowhead's Answer: The Pet First-Aid Kit

Arrowhead Animal Health First Aid Kit ContentsArrowhead is excited to announce our retail-ready pet first-aid kit. This kit contains items you to help you prepare for basic pet first-aid needs.

Arrowhead has spent the winter preparing what we think is a helpful, handy first-aid kit for you. While we work to make it a commonly-found item in every store, we want to get it into your hands first as an online purchase. That means, we'll offer a special discount for early adopters and testers!


So, what comes in a kit?

The kit is pre-packaged with the basic supplies, making purchasing of medical tape and supplies a much easier and smoother process. 


The Lightweight, Easy-Storage Solution for Small Pet First Aid Needs

You can be at home or on the trail - Arrowhead Animal Health First Aid Mini-Kit is the go-to tool for cuts, scrapes and the bumps that happen along the way

Scrapes happen. Cuts, burns, bruises are facts of life, whether you walk on 2 legs or 4. But while there are bandaids and first aid kits almost everywhere for people, pets have some special needs that aren't always met by what's on the shelf.  That's why we created the Arrowhead Animal Health first aid mini-kit.  

It's an easy-to carry box that holds just the essentials to help when a pet gets cut, scraped, burned or bruised. 

A kit includes:

  • Arrow-Vet cohesive vet wrap (1 roll) - from an assortment of colors
  • CHEWBLOCKER cohesive with Arrowhead's custom chew prevention technology (1 roll) - maroon or bright orange
  • Iodine swabs (2) for disinfecting cuts
  • Arrowhead PAW PADS (2) - a new die-cut part that helps cover scraped or injured paws while walking or hiking, protecting the paw and allowing movement with a durable covering (apply over cohesive vet wrap)
  • A large gauze pad (1) to temporarily cover small wounds

View more product information here.

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We put a ton of thought into what should be in a first-aid kit, but we want to hear from you! Do you have a go-to product that is a must-have for your pet first-aid supplies? Have you had that "oh no" moment, when your dog or cat has an injury and you have no idea what to put on their paws? Share your story or tips with us on Instagram#ARROWHEADPETS


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