Keeping Pets Cool This Summer

With the summer heat upon us, we’re all concerned about finding ways to stay cool this season. The same should be true for our pets.  It seems that every summer, we hear stories on the news about pets being left in sweltering cars, though there are laws that should prevent that. Protecting our pets from the heat is just as important to us at Arrowhead Animal Health as protecting them with our cohesive and adhesive tapes and wraps.

As we are getting into the “dog days of summer”, we’re taking a look at some tips and tricks to help keep our pets cool this summer.

We think this article from The Telegraph does an excellent job at outlining some key ways to keep our pets safe in the heat, including:

  • Not keeping pets in hot cars
  • Avoiding taking your pet outside during mid-day peak heat times and avoiding walking on hot surfaces
  • Keeping your pets hydrated
  • Grooming them—animals with long or thick hair are at a risk of overheating
  • Keeping them cool—garden hoses and fans are great

 To read the full article, click here:

Here at Arrowhead Animal Health, we’ve made keeping pets cool one of our goals. Our Research & Development team is hard at work on a new product designed to help keep pets cooler in the heat. More information on this new development will be available soon.

We wish you and your pets a happy, healthy, and safe summer!

If you’re interested in learning more about Arrowhead Animal Health and testing our tapes and wraps for yourself, click here

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