How Protection Is The Key To The Kentucky Derby

The countdown is on for the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” but for many of the “athletes” taking part in the Kentucky Derby the work and preparation for this year’s event began months ago.

For those in the race, training for the big event at Churchill Down’s began months ago and while it might not be the first thing that comes to mind for the casual viewer, we all know how important protection is when it comes to horse racing.

Like any athlete performing at the highest level, there is a range of steps taken to help improve performance. This ranges from a proper diet to proper training and recovery. Not to be lost in the training regimen is the need for protective measures and care.

One of the most important protective measures, according to most trainers, is leg wrapping. Wraps on a horse's legs are there to provide support as well as to protect them from injury.

Horses who race are likely to compile abrasions on their ankles from track contact. These scrapes happen more on the back than in front of their legs, so precautions are taken to make sure no abrasions occur. Specifically at the Kentucky Derby, there are six full-time veterinarians employed and an additional six part-time KHRC veterinarians at the race. These veterinarians are working around the clock to check on the well being of the 20 horses who are preparing for the Derby.

Horses, especially racing horses, take on an extreme amount of stress on their legs. Their legs hold up so much weight and move so quickly to allow the horses to race at such a high level. Protection is crucial!

Here at Arrowhead, we design and manufacture premium tapes and wraps for those who provide care to all animals. Our quality tapes and wraps offer the best protection to keep horses at the highest of levels protected and safe. Everyone knows that protection and preparation are the keys to success, especially at the Kentucky Derby.

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