High-Test Performance Cooling Relief

Arrowhead Animal Health has announced its latest advancement in animal health and wellness products with a performance tested cooling bandage designed to cool the area of application by up to 10 degrees for up to two hours.

Arrowhead’s Cool Compressor Cohesive Wrap helps animals with rapid heat recovery using a low-profile, stretch latex free vet bandage. With a 2-year shelf life and a container that keeps the product fresh from start to finish, Arrowhead’s Cool Compressor Wrap has a two-year shelf-life, can be taken out on trail or track in an easy-carry, sealed container, and uses a mild cooling solution without irritative chemicals.

“This is an exciting new product innovation that provides cooling via a conformable stretch wrap that avoids ingredients that are controlled or barred from competitive racing or showing, and we are excited to introduce it,” said Jonathan McEuen, Vice President of Business Development at Arrowhead Animal Health. “Our product cools without inhibiting movement, and we’re inviting trainers and owners of hard-working animals to experience the Arrowhead difference.”

Our product cools without inhibiting movement...

With over 34 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industry-leading tapes and wraps for the athletic market, Arrowhead is recognized as an innovator in performance products and the company is proud to bring this expertise to a product line built specifically for the animal health market.

Arrowhead’s Cooling bandages are sold in 2-packs and cases. Each roll is three inches wide and five yards long (stretched). What makes these cooling bandages unique is that unlike ice packs or heavy plaster applications, commonly used in the past, Arrowhead’s Cool Compressor Wrap stretches and contours completely, allowing animals to use the product while they train or compete, as well as while they recover.

Arrowhead’s animal health product line is made in an FDA-registered facility and ranges from Vet Wraps to adhesive Stretch Tapes, all designed to the highest demands of durability and performance. From small canine to working animals to large equines, Arrowhead Animal Health products are ideal for Vet Clinics, Stables, Kennel Facilities, Farms, and Zoos.

About Arrowhead Animal Health

Arrowhead Animal Health partners with those who are responsible for the care of large and small mammals. Arrowhead designs and manufactures high-quality, dependable cohesive and adhesive tapes and wraps to aid in the comfort, protection, and healing of animals. For more information about Arrowhead Animal Health, contact us!

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