Featured Gym: CODE 3 ATHLETICS (California)

Code 3 Athletics Community

Arrowhead Athletics is committed to making world-class athletic tape (always made in USA) for customers around the world.  Whether an Olympic team or a small gym just getting started, we believe that we don't eat unless our athletes, trainers and coaches are happy with our products.  Today, we are featuring an athletics community in California that has grown fast in the past 5 years, opening up multiple locations and changing lives for the better.  Today, our blog belongs to Code 3 Athletics.

Learn more about Code 3 from Daniel Wu, one of its co-founders:


When did you found Code 3?  We founded Code 3 in March 2011 

Why did you open a gym?  What motivated you?  My biz partner and I, Marc, had been working at 24 Hour Fitness for several years. We quickly rose through the ranks and became managers, in charge of running Fitness departments and entire gyms, but we knew the corporate gym model was wrong.

The gym was taking people's money but not providing real solutions to peoples problems. When we discovered CrossFit, we knew we had found something that could change people's lives.


Current location, class hours, most popular class time?  15725 S Vermont Ave, Gardena, classes from 6 AM til 9 PM. Most popular time is 6 PM.

How did you discover crossfit?  I discovered CF in 2007. I was a personal trainer at the time and always looking for new techniques and methods. Back then, there wasn't a lot of knowledge or many CrossFit certified coaches out there, so a lot of my initial learning was through the CrossFit forums and YouTube

What is unique about crossfit, compared to other training regimens you have done?

At first sight, it's easy to see that CrossFit focuses on training functional movements and a wide variety of exercises. However, the main difference is the mindset of continual improvement and dedication to truly getting more fit and capable, not just looking good in the mirror.


What might a class/session look like?  How do you plan out the class time?  Our classes mix in a nice balance of strength work and conditioning. Most days, we spend 20-30 minutes working on a barbell lift (squat, deadlift, press, Olympic weightlifting variations), some accessory work, and a 10-15 minute conditioning circuit.

How would you describe the culture of your gym, its coaches and athlete members?:  Our gym is very diverse, but we take our training seriously and expect a lot of our coaches, facility, and each other. We train hard but we have a lot of fun too

What's an ideal recovery day for you?:  Getting outdoors for a hike in the mountains


Favorite Arrowhead Tape:  Black Thin Flex Tape


How do you use Tape:  On fingers during gymnastics training and on thumbs for hookgrip


Favorite music for training:  Electronic, house


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