Featured Athlete: Marc Sobremesana of Code 3 Athletics / Crossfit Code 3

Arrowhead Athletics is committed to making world-class athletic tape (always made in USA) for customers around the world.  Whether an Olympic team or a small gym just getting started, we believe that we don't eat unless our athletes, trainers, and coaches are happy with our products.  Today, we are featuring an athletics community in California that has grown fast in the past 5 years, opening up multiple locations and changing lives for the better.  Today, our blog belongs to Code 3 Athletics.

Learn more about Code 3 from Marc Sobremesana, one of its co-founders:


Marc Sobremesana


Birthday: 9/4/1981

Hometown:  Long Beach, Ca

How did you discover CrossFit?  

I discovered CrossFit through a trainer

Pre-class and Recovery ritual: 

I always spend a couple minutes with a lacrosse ball or roller mobilizing. Once I'm ready, I gear up and work with an empty bar warming up my body.


Recovery Ritual:  Spend time rolling out and stretching. Then eat something high in sugar like a cookie, pop tart or donut :)

Favorite conditioning technique or lift:



Favorite Athletic Tape:

Thin-Flex Stretchy tape


How do you use Tape in CrossFit: 

I use the tape for my thumb so I can secure a tight and comfortable hook grip.

Favorite music: 

I listen to all kinds of music. It depends on my mood.  In my rotation right now is Hip hop, 90’s r&b and house.

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