Dog Tips for Dog Owners

Puppies. They’re adorable, loyal, and impossible not to love, but let’s face it, they require a lot of care and treatment. Throughout the years your puppy will grow to become a member of your family and will need as much care as anyone in your family. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and your dog will likely require a vet visit at one point or another.

Stop the Chewing

Today we’re looking into the best methods to keep your best friend from tearing off or chewing up their bandages or wraps.  With animals likely to chew at wraps and tapes that are protecting sensitive skin or healing cuts, making sure that these safeguards work while keeping your pet comfortable is an important goal for us at Arrowhead Animal Health.

We’ve all witnessed a dog’s frustration when being crowned with the infamous cone. While it’s a universal method to preventing your dog from any self-inflicted infections, it can create anxiety for the dog.

A dog’s tendency to chew and nibble at a dressing for a wound can be tedious for the owner too. Chew toys will temporarily keep your dog distracted from gnawing at the bandages that keep him healthy, but still require an owner’s oversight of the dog.  Household items like socks and apparel are easy to find and use as safeguards over bandages, but unfortunately do not always last long and can make your dog think it’s okay to continue eating such items even after the injury has healed.  

For scrapes and cuts, bandages and tapes, replaced as often as your animal care provider recommends, are an optimal choice for the fastest healing process.

How Arrowhead Can Help

Arrowhead's Research and Development department has made it a personal commitment to protecting our dogs with an animal health product line that ranges from Vet Wraps to adhesive Stretch Tapes, all constructed to meet the needs of those who provide care for animals of all sizes.

We are currently in final field-testing of a new product engineered to improve cohesive wraps by producing a premium veterinary stretch wrap bandage with a food-grade chewing deterrent chemistry that uses smell and taste to prevent animals from chewing. This soon to be launched breakthrough technology was designed from the ground up to help animals heal faster and more comfortably.

Share with Us!

We’re always looking for new ideas, and for experts in animal care who are interested in trying our new prototype products. What is your advice on the best methods and practices for keeping dogs from chewing on their bandages. Got a tip? Let us know!

For more information about our adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps for veterinary and animal health, send us an email!

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