Indoor or outdoor, volleyball is an intense sport and it's not uncommon for athletes to get injured or to overwork muscles. Injuries can impede performance, and keep players off their game.

From our stretch tapes used on joints and overworked muscles (Lite-Guard, Thin-Flex and Arrow-Lite), Arrowhead is there to ensure you are at your peak performance by stabilizing any knee, shoulder, wrist or ankle injuries.

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It is a rugged, all-new self-stick tape/wrap available in a variety of colors, cut widths and more.  It is impervious to sweat and water, tears by hand easily, and can withstand friction and tension common when wrapped on legs, arms, and wrists.



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Lite-Guard may be the best adhesive tape available for wrapping the thumb and fingers. When you press down firmly on a wrapped finger with 1 inch or 2 inch lite-guard, the tape will bit down and form a solid, almost cast-like form that's tough to remove, yet which still breathes.


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One of the smoothest and strongest tensile strength rigid tapes on the market, with excellent conformability for wear on the hands, fingers and palms. Thin-Flex is an adhesive stretch tape used to conform well to the hand and be smooth, soft, and thin enough to allow you to feel your natural grip.


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Arrow-Lite is a stretch tape with engineered tear enhanced, a lightweight design, and a low-profile construction made from high tensile poly blend fabric. Arrow-Lite Stretch tape offers excellent unwind and stretch.