Track Bite. Blisters. Wrist Strain.

In all our travels and all the sports we've seen, rowers face some of the toughest conditions for hands. Gloves may be discouraged, because feathering and oar control require a good feel and tactile sense at all times. Meanwhile, being on the water can make for some unique challenges in the tape world. Fortunately, Arrowhead has you covered.

We have found the following to be the recipe for successful rowing:

Arrow-Flex Co

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It is a rugged, self-stick wrap available in a variety of colors, cut widths, and more.  It is impervious to water, tears by hand easily, and can withstand friction and tension common when wrapped on legs, arms, and wrists.  It can even be used to wrap oars.


Thin-Flex Co

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Thin-Flex CO uses a latex-binding technology that allows the tape to withstand water exposure or submersion.  We have seen this tape used in Olympic training for: 

track bite coverage (3 inch)  
finger wrapping (1 inch) 
wrist wrapping (2 inch)



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One of the smoothest and strongest tensile strength rigid tapes on the market, with excellent conformability for wear on the hands, fingers, and palms. Thin-Flex is an adhesive stretch tape used to conform well to the hand and be smooth, soft, and thin enough to allow a rower to still feel their oar at all times.



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Lite-Guard may be the best adhesive tape available for wrapping the thumb and fingers. When you press down firmly on a wrapped finger with 1-inch or 2-inch Lite-Guard, the tape will bite down and form a solid, cast that's tough to remove, yet which still breathes.