The Importance of Wrapping Horses' Legs When Traveling

With the Preakness Stakes taking place this weekend and horses traveling in from all over, the importance of protection during travel is on our minds.

The Preakness Stakes is the second of the three races that make up the Triple Crown and some of the participants are still recovering from the Kentucky Derby as well as getting over the travel that is associated with competitive horse racing. At the same time, they want to also be fully prepared for the Belmont Stakes in early June. 

Protection is, of course, a big component of these horses’ performance during the race, but it is also extremely important that the horses’ legs are protected during their travel to and from races. The competing horses that we’ll see this weekend at Preakness are some of the world’s highest-performing athletes, so they need the highest quality protection when being transported.

Animal wraps are used to protect the horses’ legs from jostling during transit and provide added support to their ligaments and tendons. When a horse is traveling, if the trailer makes a sharp turn, stops short or even goes over a bump in the road, the horse can easily get thrown off balance and risk injury.  Applying cohesive wraps to the legs prior to travel gives the horses an added layer of protection to ensure they arrive to their destination injury-free.

Here at Arrowhead Animal Health, our quality adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps offer the best protection to keep horses (and other animals) protected, before, during, and after a competition, as well as during travel.

Preparation and protection during travel is key to competing well in major races like the Preakness Stakes. Will Always Dreaming take the trophy again on Saturday? We’ll have to stay tuned to see.

For more information about our adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps for veterinary and animal health, and to experience The Arrowhead Advantage for yourself, request a sample pack by clicking here.

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