The Arrowhead Advantage

Arrowhead Animal Health may be a new name in the animal health world, but Arrowhead Athletics has been around for over 34 years and is an industry-leading supplier of Performance Tapes & Wraps to amateur and professional athletes worldwide.

Leveraging that experience, expansion into the animal health and veterinary market is an important goal.  Our newly formed Arrowhead Animal Health division is delighted offer a complete line of adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps to improve the comfort, recovery and protection of both small and large mammals.

What sets us apart from the competition? Quality, Trust, and Experience.

Spanning from Vet Wraps to adhesive Stretch Tapes, our Arrowhead Animal Health products are durable and meet the same performance standards expected by world-class athletes, but are uniquely designed for the needs of animal health professionals and care givers.

Arrowhead Animal Health products are proudly Made in the USA in a factory just north of Boston, MA and Arrowhead is an FDA-registered facility.  Our variety of cohesive and adhesive tapes and wraps are built to be 5-10 percent stronger than other similar products on the market. We are also one of the few USA companies with the ability to manufacture both adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps all under the same roof.  This ensures consistent quality which is something that we are very proud of.

Our on-site research and development allows us to constantly innovate and develop new materials and applications including adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps in different sizes, colors, patterns and scents to suit the needs of any animal-- large or small.

From the smallest cats and dogs to large equines, our products are ideal for Vet Clinics, Stables, Kennel Facilities, Farms and Zoos.

Are you ready to experience the Arrowhead Advantage?

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