Summer Sale On Arrow Flex Cohesive Tapes Going On Now!

That's right!  The Arrowhead Athletics warehouse is overstocked on one of our top performing cohesive tapes and wants to give all of our customers the chance to save!

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Arrow Flex Cohesive Stretch Tape

This high performance tape will only stick to itself, so no more ouch when it's time for removal!  Don't let this feature fool you into thinking it won't hold as well as adhesive tape though, this hold won't let you down even when you're drenched in sweat.

Arrow Flex is also a stretch tape (for in case the name didn't give that away!) Stretch tapes add compression to their hold that can't be matched. This compression could be utilized against swelling and to add support to the joints that work the hardest for us.  

While supplies last, Arrow Flex will also be available in a variety of colors, such as Blue, Gold, Neon Orange, Red, Green, and many more!  Remember, this is only while supplies last!  When they're gone, they're gone!
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