Solid Gold Summer with a new Glitter Gold 4-Pack

Limited Time Offer - Have a 24K Gold* Summer

Something just for fun, from the Labs at Arrowhead!

Summer is hot. The sun is OUT. Outdoor training gets a little extra sweaty, but that doesn't mean you can't look good doing it, right? Arrowhead Lab Engineers brought their A-game and developed a bright gold glitter fabric that's durable, shiny, and bold! We worked on some adhesive chemistry and made a darn cool looking roll of tape that we're happy to share with you now, for a limited time.

Our durable Athletic poly-cotton tape received a fabulous makeover, infused with bright, shimmering gold glitter for a tape that's tough, makes a statement, and shines in the summer sun like no other tape. With our reliable adhesive, tough fabric and new bright gold on top, this tape is both style and substance. Use anywhere you would use normal athletic tape, or anywhere that needs a little sparkle.

This is the perfect product for taping up when you want strength, grip, and style. It has an extremely high tensile strength, sticks well to skin (but also to binders, books, cloth. wood, and other surfaces), and is even marker writeable. Use this as you would any athletic tape, but also for crafting, decoration, marking and labeling, either at home or out in the field. It's as versatile as it is sparkly.

Each pack contains 4 rolls of 1.5" wide tape, and each roll is 10 yards long.  

Stay shiny. Stay gold.

(* ok it's not actually 24k gold.  It's glitter!)

Made in USA.  Not made with natural rubber latex

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