Say Goodbye to the Cone of Shame!

Say goodbye to the Cone of Shame! Maybe not forever, but at least for those minor chewing and licking issues. Plus, a cone of shame is not something as easily obtainable as a roll of vet wrap nor is it as easy to store in the medicine cabinet. Pet owners and vet clinics alike will love the ease and portability of our latest product.

We are proud to introduce our new No-Chew Chew Prevention Cohesive Vet Wrap.

Often times after a medical procedure, animals are given the Cone of Shame to prevent them from biting or otherwise irritating an area. Animals typically dislike these cones and become frustrated, making us, as pet owners and caregivers, feel guilty.  Although they are used for the wellbeing of the animal, at Arrowhead Animal Health we were looking for a solution to end our pets’ anxiety, and the No-Chew Chew Prevention Cohesive Vet Wrap was born.

We have taken our powerful Arrow-Vet™ Cohesive Wrap and added our own unique chemistry, using human food-grade chew prevention additives that make our tape smell and taste unappealing to small and large mammals. The unmatched odor and taste repellent is engineered to prevent animals from unraveling tapes on their first attempt.


...using human food-grade chew prevention additives that make our tape smell and taste unappealing to small and large mammals.


Our cohesive "Red-Hot" chew prevention chemistry is human-food grade and has been tested on both small and large mammals, providing exceptionally safe, effective protection of sensitive or healing areas. The custom color makes it easy to identify from other wraps, and it’s available in both 2” and 4” widths, making it appropriate to use on large and small animals, from dogs and cats, to horses and cows.

Like all Arrowhead veterinary wraps, No-Chew is built with industry-leading self-stick and strength, easy unwind, application and tear, does not stick to fur, and is proudly Made in the USA.


Using Arrowhead Animal Health’s Chew Prevention Cohesive Vet Wrap

When using the No-Chew vet wraps for the first time, be sure to observe the animal for signs of skin sensitivity, which are possible but rarely occur. If applying to bare skin or shaved regions, please first use a layer of gauze or Arrow-Vet™ cohesive tape to cover the skin before applying the No-Chew wrap. If applying directly to the skin, we recommend inspecting the area of application after the first 6-12 hours. If you see any sensitivity, such as redness or swelling, please discontinue use.

Arrowhead Animal Health is proud to work with those who are responsible for the care of all animals, both large and small, and we are excited to offer this new alternative to the Cone of Shame.

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