Pet Appreciation Week

It’s Pet Appreciation Week, and the entire month of June is National Pet Preparedness month. As animal lovers, we’re all celebrating this week.

How do you show the pets in your life that you appreciate them?  Perhaps it’s by buying them a fun new toy, spending some extra time with them, or making sure that they have the best possible care.  Animals provide us with so much unconditional love and loyalty, it’s important to remember to show your appreciation in a way that your pet will recognize.

How do you ensure that your pets are prepared for their adventures with you? Preparedness can mean many different things, from making preparations for what to do in case of a natural disaster, to having a plan for unexpected health problems or emergencies, to making sure that you are fully stocked up on pet supplies including food, toys, and health products in case there is an urgent need. 

Here at Arrowhead Animal Health, we have dedicated ourselves to the wellbeing of animals of all shapes, ages and sizes. Our line of cohesive and adhesive tapes and wraps are designed to help provide the highest quality comfort, protection and safety to large and small mammals alike. In addition, new product launches like food-safe chew deterrent chemistry and cooling compression bandages will launch in 2017 and improve the way we can care for our animal friends.

We know as well as anyone that when pets are needing some extra support for their ligaments, have wounds that are healing, or are recovering from medical procedures, they deserve the very best in quality and care. That’s why we’ve created our different cohesive and adhesive tapes with animals and their caregivers in mind. Offering different styles, sizes, colors and scents, your pets will surely appreciate the highest quality products being used to keep them safe, comfortable, protected and happy. 

To all of you animal lovers out there, Happy Pet Appreciation Week! Go out there and show your animals that you appreciate them.

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