Here's the Rundown... Patch

 Arrowhead Animal Health continues its stride of progressive animal health & wellness products with the release of their latest equine support product, the Rundown Patch designed provides a softer, clear, and pre-cut alternative to alleviate application restrictions.

Arrowhead’s Rundown Patch offers heavy-duty protection backed by a firm pad with pressure sensitive support. Applied to the fetlock, the Rundown Patch prevents abrasive wear and lacerations that can cause discomfort, injuries and long recovery times. Running 3-inches in diameter with a customized pre-cut design for quick and easy application, the Arrowhead Rundown Patch comes in a heavy duty urethane film for horses.

“Arrowhead’s answer to this common concern amongst the horse racing community is brought forward through extensive research and development and to bring our dedicated community an effective solution that improves the veterinarian’s efficiency in the field,” said Jonathan McEuen, Vice President of Business Development at Arrowhead Animal Health.

Arrowhead is an FDA-registered facility.  The animal health product line ranges from Vet Wraps to adhesive Stretch Tapes, all designed to the highest demands of durability and performance. From small dogs to large equines, Arrowhead Animal Health products are ideal for Vet Clinics, Stables, Kennel Facilities, Farms, and Zoos.

About Arrowhead Animal Health

Arrowhead Animal Health partners with those who are responsible for the care of large and small mammals. Arrowhead designs and manufactures high-quality, dependable cohesive and adhesive tapes and wraps to aid in the comfort, protection, and healing of animals. For more information about Arrowhead Animal Health, please contact Matt Fitzgerald at (781) 740-4050 or


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