Fun Summer Fitness Activities for the Family

This summer has been quite brutal, with temperatures in the triple digits in many parts of the world. Most regions are experiencing all-time, record high heat and it can be a challenge to keep the kids entertained and cool indoors.
And if the weather wasn’t already bad enough, we have also become a little too reliant on electronic devices and social media for our entertainment. It seems that is the only way we can keep the kids entertained with these unbearably hot temperatures.
It can be easy to just write it off, and say, “this summer is just really bad, it won’t hurt to stay indoors.” We understand that it can be hard to make quality family time, let alone find time to exercise. Instead of trying to juggle between family time and exercise, why not merge them together into something fun?
We have put together some exciting family fitness activities that will not only help you to bond but also help in keeping everyone fit and healthy.


Check out the local swimming pool for available swim times for kids. If your kids are too young and don’t know how to swim yet, summer is the perfect time to start the lessons that typically run for 3-4 weeks, and there are often new swimmers classes held at local community centers. Swimming is a great way to cool off and get in a cardio workout, without even really trying. You can play all kinds of water-based games like volleyball, Marco Polo, play with foam noodles (Noodle Jousting, anyone?), and host a swimming race or competition.

Water Park 

Expanding on the swimming pool idea, why not try a local water park? If you love adventure, take a drive to the nearest water park. It’s a great daytime getaway that promises to bring as much fun to the parents as it does to the kids. Climbing the stairs to take the water slide, using your core to slide down, and running to take the next slide, refreshes your body and serves as exercise.


Hiking is a really easy and wallet-friendly way to bond together with family. Head to the local trails or natural reserves or forested parks and spend your Sunday morning or afternoon hiking with your loved ones. Many trails are cooler because of shady trees and overgrown walking paths. This will help your whole family get some much-needed cardio exercise and to enjoy nature and its refreshing effects. Remember to pack a small backpack with plenty of water and bug spray, and dress in lightweight, workout clothing.


Gardening may not seem an activity that helps you get some exercise, but you’d be surprised at how much effort it takes to create a garden from scratch, pushing the wheelbarrow around, spreading compost, planting seeds can be quite strenuous. Your kids will have fun picking out their favorite flowers and plants to add to the garden, taking a sense of pride in watching the literal fruits of their efforts.
Pick times during the day when the sun isn’t too hot. First thing in the morning or in the evening generally works well. Just be sure to use bug spray to avoid mosquito bites!


Badminton is a timeless sport that you can play with family and friends at any time of day, and you can even set up indoors if you have a large enough space. It’s fun, easy and suitable for people of all ages. You get a great cardiovascular workout which is extremely good for your heart. You can play badminton either in pairs or singles, and get everyone to participate in your family. best thing about this sport is that the equipment is very affordable, making it an ideal outdoor fun activity for your family.
So don’t let the summer heat get you and the kids down. It’s time to put away the phones and remotes and grab your family for fun, exciting and healthy summer activities. You’ll cherish the quality bonding time you spent making memories with kids, siblings, or your spouse for years to come.

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