Featured Athlete: Diane McKinney of CrossFit North Fulton

Arrowhead Athletics is committed to making world-class athletic tape (always made in USA) for customers around the world. Whether an Olympic team or a small gym just getting started, we believe that we don't sleep unless our athletes, trainers, and coaches are happy with our products. Today, we are featuring a Masters Athlete who has been dedicated to the sport and to finding what works best for them in competition and training. 

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Diane McKinney


Birthday: April 19

Current hometown: Alpharetta, GA (outside of Atlanta)

How did you discover CrossFit?

When I turned 50 years old I had my first bone density test which showed osteoporosis.  My doctor told me to go do some weight bearing exercise. I was a power walker at the time.

A friend of mine told me about Crossfit but it looked hard and scary.

It took me over a year but in 2010 I finally went to the local Crossfit, Crossfit North Fulton, and never looked back! 

My Olympic lifting grew out my joining CF. Some of the Coaches really focused on lifting and took me under their wings and showed me the ropes. We all started competing and had a great time.

Pre-class and Recovery ritual: 

Being an older athlete, my pre-training and pre-competing is all about warming up the joints and getting mobile. My recovery ritual is to have a protein shake and some stretching. 


Favorite conditioning technique or lift:

My favorite lift right now is the snatch because I am determined to dominate this left! It is very technical and I am not the most coordinated athlete so it is taking some time. My true love is deadlifting. I would deadlift every day if I could! 


Favorite Athletic Tape:

In 2012 I qualified for the Crossfit Games as a Master athlete in the 50-54-year-old division. This is when I first started used the Arrowhead Athletics Thin Flex Tape.


How do you use Tape in CrossFit: 

I use it for CF, Olympic Lifting and power lifting. I was fortunate enough to compete in the 2015 CF Games in the 55-59 year old division. This September I came in third at the 2016 Granit Games. Still using my Arrowhead Thin Flex Tape for every training session and every event! Being in the South it is very humid. I find the Arrowhead tape is not only flexible abut it stays put even in the sweatiest of conditions. 


Favorite music for training and competing: 

I like upbeat music. We have a favorite at our gym "Your Parents Party Mix" :)


Major Upcoming Training Goals:

My long term goal and make the podium in the 60+ division of the 2019 CF Games!


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