Cohesive Wraps: When It's the Right Choice for Your Animals

A cohesive wrap is a bandage made of material that sticks to itself - but not to other substances.  Wraps are also called cohesive tapes or cohesive bandages, and they have a wide array of uses in veterinary hospitals, stables, kennels and clinics. 

A cohesive wrap’s easy tear and strong self-grip make it the ideal choice for supporting a limb. Cohesive wraps are an excellent choice for animal health professionals to use because:

  • Does not stick to skin or hair:
    1. The material does grip to itself strongly, but will not pull at, or irritate, skin or hair when you’re removing it.
  • Cohesive wraps are stretchy and offer variable levels of support
  • Offer flexibility during application
    1. You can apply it with very light support or stretched tightly to provide heavy compression to, for example, a bleeding wound.
    2. You can provide added support by layering the wrap
  • Stays put until removed and can be reused and re-applied:
    1. Cohesive wraps never lose their stick. You can always re-do the wrapping if it wasn’t quite right the first time and re-apply.
    2. Will not absorb water or sweat and retains its stickiness
  • Cohesive wraps have an easy tear both along length and width for quick and easy use.

The uses for cohesive wraps in the veterinary and animal health market include:

  • Supporting muscles & limbs
  • Post-operative wrapping
  • Protective wrapping during animal transport
  • Positioning splints, stirrups, bits, patches, medical products, gauze
  • Wrapping torn shoes (equine)

 Arrowhead is proud to offer cohesive wraps for use in veterinary medicine and animal health.  Our cohesive wraps come in a variety of colors, sizes and patterns to support the comfort, healing, protection and performance of animals of all sizes.  Arrowhead Animal Health’s products can be used broadly and offer exceptional performance at a competitive cost, all made in the USA.

Our offerings include:

Arrow-Flex Co: Heavy Cohesive Stretch & Tear Vet Wrap

Arrow-Vet Co: Stretch & Tear Vet Wrap

And coming soon, a chew-prevention cohesive wrap


Cohesive wraps are a versatile staple for all animal health professionals. To sample our tapes and wraps for yourself, request a free sample pack by clicking here.


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