athletic tape, Cotton splice/seam and off-spec tape- BULK BUY (Non-profit only), Arrowhead Athletics

Cotton splice/seam and off-spec tape- BULK BUY (Non-profit only)

BULK COTTON TAPE - perfect for clinics or not-for-profit shelters where care is provided, and anywhere that people have to perform procedures such as catheter placements, splinting, and operations where adhesive tape is used.

We make a large amount of tape every year, and sometimes we even buy parts in bulk to get rid of seam rolls and tape that have small cosmetic blemishes. 

Arrowhead's Spliced and Off-Spec Tape offers a great value for not-for-profits that need a stable, standard adhesive tape that will perform just like product that costs many times more. We offer bulk cases of fabric tape that may have markings on it, be wound on used or mislabeled cores, and which might have a seam or splice in the middle of the roll.

roll size: 1.5" x 10yds

rolls per case: 144

Note: tapes may be in different colors box to box; we do not offer color-specific bulk cases at this time.

This tape is the same quality of fabric and adhesive that we sell in our main tape lines, but comes at a greater value due to small visual markers - such as splice lines - that we do not allow into other product cases.

Spliced and Off-Spec Tape is made with latex

Proudly made in the USA