Keep Animals Cool in the Summer Heat

Hair and Fur

It can be easy to forget how much the heat really affects our animals. All that hair and fur holds in a lot of heat. Working animals have it even harder. Consider border collies and horses. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to help them keep cool outside? Well, there is!



Introducing Cool Compressor Wrap!

The engineers at Arrowhead Animal Health have really outdone themselves here! This revolutionary cohesive tape (this means the tape only sticks to itself) is an answer to so many of our pets' cooling needs. It's not just for the relief from the summer heat. It's also designed to effectively work in place of products, such as ice packs, to aid in recovery from mild injuries years round.


What Makes this Special?

With cooling and compression that lasts hours, your animal will recover from racing, working, or injury more quickly and comfortably than with plaster compresses or ice packs, which can be heavy and cumbersome for them. 

Why not give it a try while the sale lasts?  

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