Featured Athlete: Kyle Bernier of CrossFit Vitality

Arrowhead Athletics is committed to making world-class athletic tape (always made in USA) for customers around the world.  Whether an Olympic team or a small gym just getting started, we believe that we don't sleep unless our athletes, trainers and coaches are happy with our products.  Today, we are featuring an athletic community in Concord, North Carolina. Their new gym consists of 20,000 s/f and is staffed with coaches dedicated to helping their athletes reach their goals. Today our blog post belongs to CrossFit Vitality

Learn more about CrossFit Vitality from Kyle Bernier, one of its coaches and athletes: 


Kyle Bernier:

Birthday February 3rd, 1993
Current hometown?  Murphy, NC

How did you discover CrossFit? I discovered CrossFit at the end of my Junior year of high school. One of my football coaches and 8th grade PE teacher, Erik Laney, had just recently opened a gym. I was reluctant to give it a shot but I did. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about fitness outside of just picking heavy things up, squatting and bench pressing. I remember asking what WOD stood for and pronouncing kettlebell as cattleball. I went through my first work out and instantly fell in love. I honestly just loved the intensity. I also realized I was decently good at it since I was in shape from training for football and track. I just didn't know how to move a barbell or perform gymnastics moves. I just showed up and went hard. Once I learned that it was a sport and you could win things for being in shape, I was hooked. I thought that was the coolest idea ever. I was like, well, all I'm going to do then is make sure I don't quit before whoever I'm going against does. And that was that. Ever since then it was a battle to be able to train. Fortunately I found a way to train at least 5 days a week since then with the end goal in mind of being a competitive athlete in this sport. I attacked the sports I played in college with the mindset of letting them yield me into a better, more well rounded, Crossfit athlete. Gosh, the places I tried to train.. The local rec center on Western Carolinas campus, a fitness connection one summer, a church gym, the weight room for athletes which had no gymnastic capabilities- only barbells, dumbbells, and bumpers. Either way, it worked out. Now I'm finally in a place, as an employee of Steve, where I can train as hard and as often as I choose to. I finally have the equipment I need to do the things I need to. It's exciting.

Pre-class ritual: Pre-class ritual is usually simple. Lots of foam rolling and lots of dynamic warming up. I like to get my hips and shoulders loose before everything I do. 

Recovery ritual: Recovery always changes for me. Most of my recovery comes from my sleep and diet. I eat very clean and constantly, making sure to get enough of everything I need, especially carbs. I perform different variations of mobility stretching post workout. I also supplement with protein, aminos, and creatine. I've also gone through phases where I would ice bath in the local creek back on Westerns Campus. We would go hop in the creek for 15-20 minutes after brutal workouts. 

Favorite conditioning technique or lift: My favorite conditioning technique is anything. I know that sounds silly... But I just like to breathe heavy when I condition. I don't have a favorite per say. My favorite lift, right now, would have to be the clean & jerk. Mostly because it's my weakest lift. Gotta learn to love the things you hate, right?

How do you use Tape in CrossFit: As far as tape goes, I don't use a lot. If I'm going to be doing lots of barbell cycling I'll usually tape my thumbs up. That's it though. 

Favorite music for training and competing: I like anything up-beat. Lots of people don't like my taste because it's a little soft. But I don't really care, I like it. I can usually just put on today's hits and go. I also really enjoy listening to country music as well. 

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